Different types of fostering 

Different types of fostering

Short-term fostering

Short term fostering is for children of all ages who can require fostering for anything from a couple of days up to two years. Whilst the child is with you they may keep in regular contact with their birth parents.

Long-term fostering

Long term fostering offers children, normally over the age of 10, the care and security of a family for as long as needed until they are ready to lead their own independent lives. As with short-term fostering, the child will continue to keep in touch with their own families. We also offer our placements the opportunity to ‘stay put’ which is a scheme whereby our placement stays with their foster carer up to the age of 25, providing that is what both parties wish to do.

Respite fostering

Respite fostering for BCP Council is a kind of part-time care which could be every weekend or once a month. Usually the child will already have full-time foster carers. This is a very flexible form of fostering that can be arranged to fit in with other commitments fairly easily.


This type of fostering is unplanned and used at short notice, for example, if a lone parent is taken into hospital and there is no one to care for their child. Emergency foster carers will need to be prepared to take a child into their home at any time of the night or day and have them stay for a few days. Longer-term plans must then be considered.

Supported accommodation

We are looking to recruit supported lodgings carers for care leavers in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

Supported lodgings carers offer opportunities for young people to develop the necessary skills and confidence they need to enable them to live independently. This can often make a huge difference at an important time in a young person’s life. Some of the young people may be carer leavers whilst others may be separated children seeking asylum.

Providing a home for a teenager can also give you many of the same rewards as fostering, such as knowing you’re making a difference, but also allows you to continue with your work and other activities, because the young people are more self-sufficient.

Allowances are paid weekly and there is a comprehensive package of support – all available to you locally.


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