Fostering Community 

Fostering Community

Our foster carers and their families are very important to us so as well as offering training we also organise numerous events to ensure the pastoral side of fostering is not overlooked.  These events help ensure our carers feel part of a wider fostering community.

Events range from our annual foster carer awards event, hosted by the Mayor, at which we recognise the importance of our carers and their families to regular coffee mornings organised by our foster carers themselves.  We also hold an annual foster carer summer picnic.  These events give foster carers the opportunity to discuss any issues with fellow carers and flag them to our team as it is important for our carers to feel supported after assessment.

Our fostering community form an integral part of our team and have a vital role to play in our ongoing recruitment for more carers helping us out at stands during Bourne Free and Foster Care Fortnight.  We also hold sporting events, including the Bournemouth Marathon Festival, where our carers run purely to promote fostering for us.  If you feel like you would like to be part of this fostering community why not enquire now by completing an online form or calling us on 0800 009 3084.

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