What is fostering? 

What is fostering?

Fostering is not to be confused with adoption. Children who are fostered still have a family of their own, but there are reasons why they are unable to live with their birth parent or parents. This can be for a number of reasons ranging from bereavement, illness and depression to drug abuse, domestic violence or neglect. Where a family has problems, our children’s services at Bournemouth are committed to working with the parent or parents to make the home a safe place for that child.

This is where our foster carers come in. We are looking for foster carers who can provide a home for a child or young person where they’ll feel stable, cared for and secure. It doesn’t matter whether you are married or single; gay or straight; living in a rented house or a home owner; employed or unemployed – what matters is that you can provide a place where they can develop naturally as a person and feel part of the family.

In Bournemouth we need to recruit more foster carers for our children and young people – could you provide that home for a Bournemouth child? If so call us on 0800 009 3084; complete our online form or email us at bournemouthfostering@ontracagency.com.

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